There's plenty to keep you busy in Grise Fiord. In summer, you can take hikes around the community. This is also a good time for sea kayaking.

For those taking charters from Resolute Bay to Quttirnipaaq National Park on northern Ellesemere Island, Grise Fiord is an ideal stop along the way.

The local Hunters and Trappers Organization can arrange guided trips for you to visit archeological sites or to view the wildlife, to be part of a dog team ride or to stay overnight in an igloo you've helped to build.

Grise Fiord is one of the finest sport fishing spots in the world. Enjoy the flavourful arctic char on the edge of Jones Sound cooking over an open fire. We will be happy to guide you to the finest fishing spots at the top of the world.

You'll find archeological sites as close as two kilometres from the airport. A 30-minute ride across the fiord will take you to a polar bear trap of the Thule culture. Another area to visit is the site of three Inuit camps from the time of the 1953 relocation to the Lindstrom Peninsula.

West of the community, at Harbour Fiord, you'll see a cross, which was erected to the memory of a sailor, one of explorer Sverdrup's men, who died here. You might also take an excursion to Goose Fiord, where Sverdrup was forced by ice to stay an extra year in the narrows of the fiord that didn't break up one summer. At nearby Fram Fiord, Sverdrup, in his ship, the Fram, sought shelter during a storm.

Nirjutiqavvik, or Coburg Island National Wildlife Area, a 100 km. trip from Grise Fiord, is one of only two National Wildlife Areas in Nunavut. The island was listed in 1995, and is renowned for its magnificent seabird cliffs. During the summer, you can see 30,000 pairs of Black-legged Kittiwakes and 160,000 pairs of Thick-billed Murres on the tiny ledges on the high cliffs of the eastern and southern coasts of the island.

Polar bear sports hunts are also conducted from Grise Fiord, during the winter and spring, by dog teams and relying on traditional hunting methods. Our community has a relatively high harvest quota of polar bears. This quota, of course, is proportional to, and reflects the local polar bear population. Every year, we reserve some of this quota for polar bear sports hunting.

As for shopping, you can buy arts and crafts from the Grise Fiord Inuit Co-op Ltd., which also sells groceries and assorted dry goods.


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